Cycle & Dredge Podcast

Listen to the Cycle & Dredge podcast each week for exciting new news, tips, tricks and more in the Magic: The Gathering Space.

Also, check out Leng’s Library, a Magic library management and deck building app that works a little differently than most. We focus on making an app for both casual and serious players. Oh, and it’s free!

A little about the Cycle & Dredge podcast.

What is Magic: The Gathering? Magic is the most complicated game in history. Think of it like a mix of Chess and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. It’s a game full of diversity, mystery, puzzle solving, and intrigue.

That’s why we are so passionate about Magic. This game is a big part of our lives, and we are unapologetically proud of that.

So, each week the crew at Cycle & Dredge talk about our favorite things about Magic: The Gathering.  The Cycle & Dredge Magic podcast is a show made by fans, for fans. So, come and listen to us. Join us in our Discord channel. And share one of the best games of all time with us!

Leng's Library

Leng’s Library is a Magic: The Gathering library management and deck building app made by Magic: The Gathering die-hard fans for casual and serious players.

It's Free!

Magic is already an expensive game! So, we strive to keep Leng’s Library free for everyone!

Personalized Trade and Sell List

Make your cards available for trade or sale. Give other’s your username to sort through your virtual trade binder, whether they are part of your local play group or a friend on the other side of the world.

Track Your Library

Sort through your library in a beautiful, full card display. Look up card rulings, current prices, legalities, card text, and more, for each card in your library as you view them.

Each card is displayed in full view, so you can see the card, read it, and better understand it.

Build Decks

Keep track of all of your decks and deck stats! Build new decks. And more! Go beyond the typical mana curve stats. Look for things like estimated amount of card draw and mana ramp in your deck.

Powerful Search and Filters

Do you need to find that perfect card in your library for a deck or discover new cards you didn’t know existed?  Use the powerful search and library filter options to find and discover new cards easily!

We're A Little Different

Discover your library in a new way!  Leng’s Library sorts and displays cards differently than other apps. We wanted a way to sort through our Library, understand it, organize our decks, and build new decks in a way that other apps didn’t work for us. We aren’t saying they are better or worse, only that Leng’s Library works better for us. Maybe it will for you, too?

Try Leng's Library! It's free!