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Published October 9, 2019

Some would argue that modding a game breaks the fundamentals of a game. Some say it only enhances it. In this article, I hope to point out the finer qualities of each form of gaming. 

In this, you get the right amount of gameplay and never get to confused by what to do. Both aspects of gaming have their pros and cons and it ultimately is up to your preferences

Is it best to keep the games as they are? Some would say that that is the correct way to play and mods only confuse the gamer and draw him away from the true purpose of what the game is about. Games have Games such as Skyrim are a perfect example of a barebones game with the right amount of gameplay to satisfy anyone’s needs. Without the use of mods Updates and sequels become more desired there for sparking interest in a game you may have put down. 

Modding games such as Minecraft or Skyrim does have some cons, sometimes you can get so backlogged trying to do so many things that the game becomes tiresome. Mods can take away from the true aspect of a game by making it into something it was never supposed to be. Pixelmon in adventure mode, for instance, turns Minecraft into basically a version of the Gameboy game and its no longer a building game. So how far is too far? How many mods should one use? It has come to a point where mods have been receiving classifications such as utilities. Not everything about the modding community is bad however, some mods are used to enhance gameplay such as the popular mod Optifine which is used to increase frames per second. My opinion on modding is to be careful what you wish for because it could just come back to bite you.

Over the next few months, Jon and I will be delving into this debate a bit more by jumping down the modded rabbit hole. We hope to view a couple of the popular mod packs and see just how entertained we can be.

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  1. Angela Thiede Angela Thiede

    In my opinion, the question to mod or not needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. The right mods can enhance gameplay. Take a game like the Sims 4 as an example. Talk about bare bones…at release, the game was missing too many things to even list here. The modding community took what we were given and made it the best version that it could be. I had so many mods at release, it wasn’t even funny.

    Elder Scrolls games, in my opinion, are better left unmodded. Or at least until you’re content that you have “completed” the vanilla game. At that point, mods can add replayability to game that you’re basically done with.

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