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Published November 1, 2019

Do you like video games? How about free nerdy goodies? Awesome! Enter the You Died of Dysentery ‘Plea to listen to our podcast!’ giveaway!

Fill out the information below. Each entry is worth a different amount of points. The more points you have, the better your chances of winning!

Don’t forget, you can tweet about us every day for an extra point towards winning!

Prize Includes:

(1) Sega Genesis Mini (it comes with games!)

(1) RESPAWN RSP-200 Gaming Chair

(1) Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition

This contest starts on November 2nd. One winner will be chosen at Random on December 1st and announced on this page. We will also contact that winner individually as well. Good luck!

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  1. Bob Wilson Bob Wilson


  2. marc Lachapelle marc Lachapelle

    I used to play sega genesis for hours as a kid!!

    • Jon Welling Jon Welling

      So did I! It was my friend’s though…

  3. Isaiah Glasbrenner Isaiah Glasbrenner

    I really appreciate the giveaways you guys do! Hopefully we’ll see more like it in the future! Sega and Sonic was an important part of my childhood!

  4. I remember the first time i got a Sega Genesis and was able to get games i used to play in the arcades. At least now i don’t have to shell out all those quarters that probably could have bought those machines. Lol.


    How come you don’tb have have any articles on Star Wars this is my favorite movie and video games franchise.

    • Jon Welling Jon Welling

      We’ll have to get on top of that!

  6. I loved playing sega when I was younger thanks for the chance to win. Awesome giveaways.

  7. Megan Dunne Megan Dunne

    My very first game console was saga genesis. I have very good memories of playing it. I am thankful for your monthly giveaways. I hope i win this one so I can play it with my kids and they too can have good memories

    • Jon Welling Jon Welling

      Good luck!

      I think the Genesis was my second system. My first was the NES. I still have very fond memories of my Genesis, though!

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