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Published October 2, 2019

UPDATE: Congratulations to Mel V. for winning this month’s prize. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Do you like video games? How about free nerdy goodies? Awesome! Enter the You Died of Dysentery ‘Plea to listen to our podcast!’ giveaway!

Fill out the information below. Each entry is worth a different amount of points. The more points you have, the better your chances of winning!

Don’t forget, you can tweet about us every day for an extra point towards winning!

Prize Includes:

(1) Super NES Classic Game Console (it comes with games!)

(1) Monopoly Fortnite Edition

(1) $25 Amazon Gift Card

This contest starts on October 2nd. One winner will be chosen at Random on November 1st and announced on this page. We will also contact that winner individually as well. Good luck!

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  1. Mary Mary

    Fantastic! This was one of my first gaming systems and I have so many fond memories playing Mario games!

  2. Jake Jake

    Super Nintendo still holds up today. Awesome system with the best games.

    • Belinda Dzus Belinda Dzus

      I loves games and Nintendo games are the best

  3. My six-year old (who wants to be an online video game review host) would LOVE this. He has seen videos for these games but has only played “Donkey Kong” on my Atari VCS 2600!

  4. Katherine Donovan Katherine Donovan

    My kids and I loved Super Nintendo!!!

  5. Wow what a great giveaway,this is so much fun to play

  6. denise smith denise smith

    My kids grew up on Nintendo, now I want my grandkids to have that same fun.

  7. Christina Jensen Christina Jensen

    Great prizes

  8. Monique Rizzo Monique Rizzo

    I love the good old SNES!! A classic!

  9. Marc-Andre Taillefer Marc-Andre Taillefer

    Awesome system with the best games.



  11. Always loved Super Nes. So many great games.

  12. carl carl


    • Natalie Burgess Natalie Burgess

      Sexism and gaming…..makes so much sense I hadnt thought about it before!! But it says half the gaming community are women, so its important that both sexes are treated equally xx

  13. rosemary rosemary

    Great games

  14. carol carol


  15. Manuel Manuel

    Lets seee

  16. rosemary rosemary

    love the prizes

  17. Sally Collingwood Sally Collingwood

    Fab prize!!

  18. alex papa alex papa

    i was actually hoping for one of these SNES for christmas this year the Super Nintendo was one of my favorite game consoles! i used to play it as a kid back in the day and some of the games like zelda link to the past and mario kart were straight gangsta!

  19. Fawn George Fawn George

    Great gaming giveaway. My husband would love this. I might try it too. My gaming usually is with sweepstakes. I do play Yahtzee on a handheld game. Thanks

  20. alice lightning alice lightning

    i wasbought uponthe nintendo games the classics are as good today as when i was younger no violence just good games forall the family x

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