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Published October 2, 2019

This past week the folks at You Died of Dysentery tackled a rather tough subject: sexism and gaming. That episode spurred from a porch conversation after recording another episode weeks back. We decided we should do an episode on sexism and gaming after that conversation. Everyone had some interesting experiences and viewpoints, but ultimately, with the hosts being only men, we didn’t have the same life experiences as a woman might have. So, we invited a couple of guests to share their life stories.

Both of our female guests are heavily involved in the gaming community in some way. Both regularly frequent local game stores. One of our guests even worked at a video game retailer. Sadly, both had shared stories that I’ve heard echoed routinely on the internet.

It’s one thing to read about issues with sexism and gaming online. It’s another thing to sit in front of a real person, hear those stories, and try to ignore them. The fact is that the gaming community, amongst others, does have a sexism issue.

I don’t think sexism and gaming is a hard problem to solve. We need to accept that women are half of the player base in the video game community. It’s not a men’s club. So, we need to treat everyone inclusively. Let’s follow the golden rule and treat others how you would wish to be treated.

Of course, habits are hard to change. I won’t deny that. One of the easiest ways to change a habit is to recognize the problem. The stories these women shared will help accomplish that goal. When we see and hear them IRL, we can take a quick second to think about that interaction and change it.

I encourage everyone to listen to episode 14 of the You Died of Dysentery gaming podcast. Episode 14 was a great show, and I hope that everyone has a chance to take something away from it.


  1. Sandy Klocinski Sandy Klocinski

    As long as female characters have been featured in gaming, they have been depicted as sex objects with huge boobs and tiny waists. In combat games they have skimpy bikini armour that wouldn’t serve any purpose. I think it affects how men treat women in gaming – they see women as property for them to abuse or harass.

  2. Michael Meredith Michael Meredith

    Misogyny has no place in Gaming and certainly needs to be removed from out society. As the father of two daughters who game I find the misogynist attitudes toward my children unacceptable and frankly quite disgusting. That young men would treat young gamer women as objects to be abused and harassed clearly demonstrates the upbringing these young men were failed in being inclusive and respectful.

  3. Shannon D Citrino Shannon D Citrino

    A lot of ppl assume that females are not gamers. I know quite a few. The biggest game players are women in their 30’s believe it or not!

  4. Bee Bee

    This is an important discussion to be having. Will definitely be checking out the episode.

  5. Calvin Calvin

    I think there was a big incident in over watch where sexism was a topic.
    Lots of politics involved recently in some of the big gaming companies as well.. Interesting.

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