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Published November 6, 2019

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is a hotly debated topic. Talk to any hardcore nerd and you’ll get a different answer as to how you survive. Roman thinks he can survive the zombie apocalypse though. He says, “just stay away from the crowd.”

In the first episode, of what may be many more episodes to come, of our surviving the zombie apocalypse series, Roman said he would go the other way. He held firm to his mantra of never following the crowd. He’d rather be alone during the zombie apocalypse somewhere in the woods.

We all agreed on episode 4 of Nerd Speak that we would most likely have roughly 72 hours before all of society broke down. That seems like a reasonable time frame. Roman’s thought is that if he could catch it early enough, that 72-hour window would be more than enough time to make his way to a secluded area and create a bit of fortification.

I’m still under the opinion that it wouldn’t work. To survive the zombie apocalypse, you would need to move to a more elevated area away from nuclear powerplants. See, we live in an area that is surrounded by nuclear powerplants. We would need to get about 70 miles away and upwind. Being upwind is the most important part. You would want to be out of the way of the fallout. I firmly believe that those power plants would meltdown at some point.

At the end of the day, we all agreed that you would need a small group of people to survive. Each person needs to be able to contribute. You also need extra help to build things in a timely fashion. After all, you would be re-creating civilization on your own.

Do you agree or disagree? Listen to episode 4 of Nerd Speak and let us know. Join our Discord channel and let us know what you think! How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?


  1. wendy hutton wendy hutton

    Well should be safe in my neck of the woods, no nuclear power plants around here, a dedicated small group is the only way to go

    • Jon Welling Jon Welling

      I’m definitely going to the mountains in West Virginia!

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