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Published October 28, 2019

It’s been a little quiet at Cycle and Dredge during the past few weeks. Here’s why.

The Cycle and Dredge Network was started as a hobby initially. It grew to be something more very quickly, though. The Cycle and Dredge Network has grown into a passion for a handful of people. We recognized this, and as such, recognized that some things needed to be changed.

We decided to make these changes while our podcasts were still young. It was easier to take the hit of producing less content now than to wait. These are always tough calls to make, but they had to be made.

For starters, our staffing changed a bit. You might have noticed some different voices on the shows lately. You may have also noticed that we have two new shows (Nerd Speak and Minecraft Edition). Our goal is to produce excellent content that we would want to listen to ourselves. So, we made these changes.

Josh and Nick have joined the team and will be regular contributors going forward. Both guys have a wealth of game and nerd knowledge. Each adds something special to each show. Also, Roman has been upgraded from a co-host to a second host (otherwise known as a co-host – inside joke).

Next, we felt that we were taking on too many new projects to quickly. We would love to add awesome new things, like games on the front page, a chatbot that people could both ask questions with and play text-based adventures with, and video footage of all our shows. We needed to take a step back, though. These kinds of cool things will come at some point, but our podcasts need to come first. So, we flattened our workload for the moment.

That isn’t to say that we aren’t working on ways to bring new things to our audience. We will have a new, long-term custom Cycle and Dredge public Minecraft server soon. We are currently testing it now. We feel that we have a great idea and are working on fine-tuning it. We will be posting directions on how to join it soon.

We also added our Discord! Yay! Cycle and Dredge needed a way to communicate with each other and organize ourselves. At the same time, we wanted a way to be able to speak with our listeners. So, we went the Discord route. Discord lets people share their ideas with us, speak with us, tell us how great we are doing, or let us know where we can improve. The folks at Cycle and Dredge are always happy to hear criticism from everyone!

We will have more exciting things to come as time goes by. For the moment, we are focusing on our content. We hope that you subscribe to the Cycle and Dredge shows in your favorite podcast app!


  1. Rob Hestar Rob Hestar

    Here’s to a bright and big future in 2020 yall!

  2. Katie Mosier Katie Mosier

    Thank you for one of the most insightful and honest posts I ever read. Even when you are following your passion, there can be tough times and hard decisions, and followers who love what you do will accept what you put forth. Well played guys!

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