Green is typically the color of choice for MTG stompy cards. Though Green contains some of the best MTG stompy cards, not all of the best cards come from this part of the color pie. So, this week Cycle and Dredge talk about their favorite picks for MTG stompy cards and support cards for large creatures.

How do you define a ‘stompy card’. For the purpose of this episode, Cycle and Dredge defines a stompy card as a creature with a high level of power and toughness that can deal a lot of damage with one hit. We are not counting cards that get big like Tempest Djinn or Orvo, though. These are creatures that enter the battlefield big and strong.

Our picks for stompy support cards are choices that provide mechanisms to either amplify the effects of stompy creatures or enable them to be more stompy.

Listen to this week’s episode and let us know what you think? Do you agree or disagree? Send us a message in Discord and give us your thoughts!

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