Are you looking for new commander combos with green cards? Would you like to know how to put that Temur Sabre Tooth to good use? How can you get a little more mana (or a lot more!) with a few key cards? Listen to this week’s episode of the Cycle and Dredge Podcast!

The folks at Cycle and Dredge discuss some of their favorite commander combos with green cards! We also reached out to the Reddit community for their picks, too!

Give Earthcraft and Squirrel’s nest a go for infinite squirrels! Who doesn’t enjoy a few extra rodents on the battlefield?

Maybe you have an extra Slimefoot The Stowaway, Ashnods Alter’s, and Illusionist Bracers laying around? Ping your opponents to death with slime damage and bump up your mana at the same time!

There are tons of combos with green cards that fit into all sorts of decks! Play Golgari? No worries! You have tons of options. You don’t need to be playing Simic to have great combos! We even mention two great synergies for single green cards that will help push that mono green deck of yours over the edge!

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