We at Cycle and Dredge love Commander. In this episode, we looked at the new Commander 2020 product. There will be five new Commander Preconstructed decks. The decks all feature 100 cards and an oversized foil of the main commander for the pre-con. So, what are the new Commander decks?

Like usual at Cycle and Dredge, there was some contention on which of the five decks was the best. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what Nick, Roman and Jon think.

Each deck is a good representation of what the colors do. The color identity of the decks are the same as the Tarkir Tribes from the Tarkir block. The Tarkir block came out quite a while back, but Nick has a lot of great Siege Rhino related memories. The color identity of the decks are as follows: Sultai, Abzan, Mardu, Temur, and the Jeskai. The colors for the Sultai deck are Green, Black and Blue. Abzan is green, black and white, whereas Mardu is black, red and white. Temur is green, red and blue and lastly, the Jeskai deck is red, white and blue.

Each deck is reminiscent of the tribes they represent. The commanders of the respective decks all are powerful this year. Spoiler alert, Nick liked the Abzan deck the best. Nick, being the levelheaded one of the group, analyzed the decks and found them to be a lot better than 2019’s iteration of commander product. Jon, wanting to be surprised didn’t look at the lists at all. Roman went about half-way.

There is a lot of power in this set of Commander decks. Power that reminds Nick of the 2013 set, which featured Prossh, one of Nick’s favorite commanders. We are all excited about these new decks and cannot wait to test them out.

Would you like to hear what each the theme of each is? Listen to Episode 14 of the Cycle and Dredge Podcast to and find out what are the new Commander decks?

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Would you like to see the complete deck lists? Check out this page over at Wizard’s of the Coast Commander 2020 page!

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