What are some of the best blue combos for Commander?  To be clear, we are not speaking about the absolute best, most expensive, most competitive combos. We are talking about fun, affordable combos that will give you an edge. So, listen to this week’s episode of the Cycle and Dredge podcast to hear more!

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How will companion cards affect Commander? Since the spoilers for the Companion cards were revealed, many EDH players have been discussing whether these specific cards will be healthy for the Commander format. That’s a good question, too!

Companion cards very much seem like an attempt by Wizards of the Coast to introduce a little bit of the Commander style game play into Standard and other formats. That makes sense. Commander is the most popular way to play Magic: The Gathering currently. Wizards of the Coast has recognized this publicly, too.

The Companion mechanic in Magic: The Gathering does come with some restrictions, though. In order to play a Companion card as a Companion, each MTG deck has to meet certain conditions. These conditions can be something like every card in a deck must have an even converted mana cost.

Still, even with these restrictions, companion cards can serve as a way to play 101 cards in commander, something that is against the rules. Yet the Commander Rules Committee has given the ‘okay’ for these cards to be played (except for one specific card that was banned before release).

So, how will companion cards affect commander? We think it might be a little to early to say, but the crew over at Cycle and Dredge does have their opinions! Listen to episode 15 of the Cycle and Dredge podcast now!

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We at Cycle and Dredge love Commander. In this episode, we looked at the new Commander 2020 product. There will be five new Commander Preconstructed decks. The decks all feature 100 cards and an oversized foil of the main commander for the pre-con. So, what are the new Commander decks?

Ikoria has new tr-color lands, and unlike other tri-color lands that have been released in other sets, these lands are super special! Each land is labeled as its land type, too. That means you can fetch them with cards that say ‘Fetch a swamp’, etc… Listen to episode 13 of the Cycle and Dredge podcast to hear why this is so important!