Green is typically the color of choice for MTG stompy cards. Though Green contains some of the best MTG stompy cards, not all of the best cards come from this part of the color pie.

The developers behind Magic: The Gathering Arena, the PC based Magic game client, were brave enough to host an AMA on Reddit this past week. So, the crew over at Cycle and Dredge did a brief dive into Redditors’ questions and the developers’ responses.

What are the best tribes in Magic: The Gathering? In today’s episode, Roman, Jon, and Nick talk about their favorite tribes, why they play these tribes, and how to build around these tribes.

How do you build a commander deck? This week Roman and Nick try and teach Jon the basics of building a commander deck! What are some of the basic rules you should follow to build a commander deck? What tools can you use to build a commander deck? All that and more in Episode 3 of the Cycle and Dredge podcast!