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Category: You Died of Dysentery

A gaming podcast about all things gaming! From video games to tabletop games, we cover it all!

Emote With Your Hands! Video Game Subscription Service Reviews

Jon Welling

With the “beta” launch of Google’s Stadia cloud streaming service this week, we thought we would discuss other, better options for game subscription services. We also have a great interview with indie developer Antonio Mabs!

Are Emulators Good or Bad

Jon Welling

Are emulators good or bad? There are arguments to be made on both sides. On one hand, emulators help preserver both history and art. On the other hand, emulators can promote piracy. So, you decide. Are emulators good or bad?

Autism and Gaming

Jon Welling

This week You Died of Dysentery talks about autism and gaming. Video games can be a great therapeutic tool for people with autism. Luckily, we have an in-house expert on the topic with personal experience with autism and gaming.

New Magic The Gathering Commander Announcements!

Jon Welling

It’s that Magic moment! Wizards of the coast made some exciting announcements for both Pioneer and Commander! The crew at You Died of Dysentery discuss what that could mean!

Best Horror Video Games for Halloween

Jon Welling

What are your all-time top 3 picks for the best horror video games to play during Halloween? Listen to Roman, Jon, Nick, and Josh talk about their favorite picks! You might be surprised!

The Great Blizzard of 2019

Jon Welling

Did Blizzard make a mistake banning Blitzchung from Hearthstone and revoking his winnings? This week, we attack that subject on You Died of Dysentery!

Thrones of Eldraine Announcements!

Jon Welling

Roman, Amanda, and Jon discuss a little bit of Magic The Gathering: Arena this week. The new Throne of Eldraine set was released and MTGA is officially out of beta!

This is a horrible Remix!

Jon Welling

This Week, Roman, Caleb and Jon get down and dirty with a horrible pre-show re-mix! Catch that on our YouTube channel! We also discuss gamer outrage, a little Borderlands 3, EA, some more GameStop news, and more!