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We Have a Discord!

Jon Welling

Guess what everyone! Cycle and Dredge has its very own Discord channel now! So, come join us and talk with us! Add our Discord here!

How to Play Minecraft With a Controller

Jon Welling

I recently fell in the role of being a Minecraft server admin. Our local game store in Lancaster, PA needed to move their fan-run Minecraft server to a new location. I volunteered for that role. Having never played Minecraft before, though, that meant I would have to finally purchase the game and play it. After all, how can you be a server admin without understanding the software? I quickly found out that Minecraft doesn’t support controllers much to my disappointment. So, I had to figure out how to play Minecraft with a controller.

CD Projeckt Red is not Brave.

Jon Welling

The recent gaming news cycle has been kind of slow, and the types of articles coming out have reflected the sluggish movements the industry has been making throughout the month. Since there’s time to take a breath before the holiday release schedule ramps up, let’s talk about CD Projeckt Red, and their decision to “remove” the gender options for their character creator for Cyberpunk 2077. In other words, let’s talk about gender-neutral character creation.

Play Emulators On Your TV

Jon Welling

Emulators are important to the game ecosystem. They allow access to older games that newer generations did not have a chance to play. They preserve history and art. They allow a path for aspiring game developers to go back and look at past titles and mechanics. Sometimes, though, they aren’t always the easiest to set up or play. Like many things in life, people want an easy solution to play emulators on your TV. So, if you want an easy way to enjoy emulators with as little fuss as possible, buy an Nvidia Shield.