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Play CND Astroids online, for free!

What’s that you say? A free game?

Why yes!

Why should I play this game?

Mostly bragging rights. CND Astroids is tough. It’s a classic game of skill and high scores. Only winners make the top ten list.

Oh yeah… Scores are sent to our Discord Channel, too. Everyone will know your shame.

Can I play this at work?


Will it annoy my co-workers?

Most likely! It might be best to play this with the volume off at work. It also has a spousal approval rating of 2.

How do I play this amazing game?

Easy enough. Click here. If you want to play it full screen, press F11 on your keyboard after you click that link.

What else do I need to know?

Consider this a beta version. We are looking to make CND Astroids (totally a rip-off) better. If you have comments or suggestions, join the Cycle and Dredge Discord channel and let us know!

CND Astroids is compatible with any browser. It’s also touch-enabled so you can play on your mobile device.

Are you one of those weird gamepad players? No worries! CND Astroids mostly supports controllers, too!

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