How do I add a card to my library?

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Adding a card to your library is easy!

First, click on the Library & Deck Builder link.

Then click on the Add New Card button in the navigation bar.

After you click on the + (plus) button, the ‘Add Card’ window will open. You have two options to add a card. You can either enter the card by hand or use the camera on your device to scan the card.

Entering cards by hand is super easy and fast.

Start by entering the card name. An Autocomplete list will appear with matching card names. Choose a card from the Autocomplete list.

After you choose a card from the Autocomplete list, the set list will populate

Only the set names the card was printed in will appear in this list.

Pro Tip: If you do not need to change the card quantity or foil status of a card, hit enter on your keyboard. This will automatically submit the card without having to change either field. After the card is submitted, the Card Name field will automatically clear and place a curser in that spot so you can move on to the next card quickly.

If you need to change the foil status or quantity, go ahead and enter that before pressing the Go button or pressing enter on your keyboard.

There is also a spot to add a tag to your card. By default, all cards are entered in the main Library tag unless you change that here. You will need to create tags before they will appear on this form.

Scanning Cards With A Camera

First, press the Camera Scan button on the Library & Deck Builder page.

Scanning cards with a camera works much the same way as entering cards by typing in the name. Pressing the camera button will take you to another screen.

Once this page loads, your browser may ask for permission to use the camera. You must allow your browser to access the camera for this to work. Also, your device must have a camera for this to work. You can use your laptop’s webcam, your desktops webcam, or your smartphone.

Note: If you are using an iPhone, you MUST use Safari. This is a limitation of the iPhone. Other browsers on the iPhone are not able to access the camera.

Place the card right-side-up in the camera viewfinder and press the button to take a picture of the card. That picture is not saved to your device.

After an image is taken of your card, the server will figure out what that card is and send it back. A form will open with the card name already added.

You’ll have the option to change the set, quantity, etc.. before adding that card to your library. If you do not need to make any changes, just press the Go button and move on to the next card.

PRO TIP: You can scan multiple Magic cards at one time. Make sure the card name is clear and try to keep the camera from shaking. The better the quality of a camera you use, the more Magic cards you can scan at one time.

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