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This is the official Cycle and Dredge Network Minecraft server!

What is the Cycle and Dredge Network Minecraft server?

The Cycle and Dredge Minecraft server is a free to use, public server. It’s the Minecraft server that the Minecraft Edition podcast uses to record on. That means you can join us in the very same world. Who knows? The folks on the podcast might find your little section of the world and show it on the video stream!

If you want to join us on the Cycle and Dredge Minecraft server, you will need a few things first. Follow the installation instruction sets below.

What is the Cycle and Dredge Minecraft Server?

Cycle and Dredge assembled a list of mods to create a modpack that focuses on building, exploration, and city management. With our server, you can create your own little town, manage resources, build roads and cars, and trade amongst other colonies.

Don’t forget to defend your town! Mobs may attack it. It’s up to your and your townsfolk to fend them off.

We’ve done our best to create a fun, and well-balanced modpack. Here’s a list of features:

  • Create colonies
  • Build roads
  • Level-up your character and assign experience points
  • Manage your resources
  • Level-up weapons and re-build them
  • Explore a mining dimension
  • Explore dungeons and ruins, search them for new loot
  • Progress through harder enemies as you get further from Spawn
  • Build new weapons
  • Go for a drive in your brand new car!
  • Farm your animals in new ways. Offspring will carry genetic traits with them.
  • And more!

Short Installation Instructions

Long Installation Instructions

Before we begin: The screenshots below may have been created using an older version of Forge. Ignore the version number displayed in the screenshots. We will be using Forge version 1.12.2- Other than the version number, the screenshots remain accurate.

1. Download the zip file using the ‘Current Server Download’ button below.

2. Unzip the files into a folder you can easily find.

3. Open the new folder just created (or where ever you may have unzipped the files) and find the forge-1.12.2- Run that file. Select Install Client and click Ok.

4. After the installation is complete, highlight both the Config Folder and Mods folder. Right-click on both and select Copy.

5. In the URL bar in Explorer, type %appdata%/.minecraft and press enter. That will take you to the folder that the Configs and Mods folder needs to be pasted in to. You may not have all of the same folders and files in your directory that you see in the screenshot below. That is okay.

6. Right-click on any empty space and select Paste from the menu. You can also press the Home tab at the top of Explorer and press Paste as well.

Excellent! Everything is installed. There are a few more steps, though. The Minecraft Launcher has to be configured first.

7. We will need to create a Forge 1.12 Installation in the Minecraft Launcher.

8. Click on New button on the Installations page.

9. Click on Version drop-down box, scroll to the bottom of that menu, and select Release 1.12.2-Forge as pictured below.

10. Next, click on the More Options button.

11. Look for the JVM Arguments section. The first command will be -Xmx2G. Change the 4 to a 2. It should read -Xmx4G like pictured below. Then click Save. After that, you are all set!

Once you launch Minecraft, go to Multiplayer and create a new server. For the server address, you will want to use