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Published August 30, 2019

Episode 10: Thanks for spoiling that!
You Died of Dysentery

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This week the crew over at You Died of Dysentery, talk about Nintendo’s denial of service attack, err, service, Phant0mlord’s Twitch lawsuit, The Witcher 3 makes a big splash, big as in size, Google fights back against DMCA fraud with an attempt to swat down the swatter, more Google Stadia talk, and we say farewell to GameStop. 

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The Episode’s Run Down

Released August 23rd, 2019

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The Witcher 3 is huge on the Switch!

The Witcher 3 will weighs in a 28gbs for the Switch. That is huge considering the size of the carts and most other games!

Nintendo denies reports of trade-in program

We recently discussed a supposed trade-in program from Nintendo to swap out old Switches for new ones in Episode 8. Nintendo disputed that claim, though, and said there is no trade-in program. 

Phant0mlord proceeds with a lawsuit against Twitch

Phant0mLord has filed a lawsuit against Twitch for his banning in 2016. In that lawsuit, he claims that Twitch violated their agreement because he was not given sufficient reasons for his removal from the platform. The final closings of that lawsuit will begin in September.

Sony might bring first-party titles to the PC

In a recent statement made by Sony’s execs, they allude to the idea of bringing first-party Playstation titles to the PC. This comes at a time where the game industry is starting to experience dramatic changes. 

Google files a lawsuit against a person for fraudulent DMCA claims

Google has filed a lawsuit against a person for filing fraudulent DMCA claims. It is against the law to file DMCA claims that are knowingly false. Google has stated that they suspect Christopher L. Brady of using false claims as a way to get personal information of certain YouTubers. In its claim, Google states that the time between when a DMCA claim was filed against a YouTuber, and when that YouTuber was swatted, seems suspicious.  Should this prove that Bradley did indeed swat this YouTuber, Bradley could be facing much more serious charges on top of a hefty lawsuit. 

Google talks about Stadia with IGN at Gamescon

IGN sat down with a rep from Google Stadia at Gamescon. In that interview, the Google rep talked about designing the controller, digital-only game ownership, and streaming games over existing ISP connections. 

GameStop is trimming its workforce

First, stories broke that GameStop had let go of a significant amount of staff at its GameInformer publication. This came as a surprise as subscribership was at a high for the magazine. Then a few days later, GameStop announced 120 more layoffs for its core business. It wasn’t long ago that GameStop also fired multiple salespeople. Could the end of GameStop be approaching faster then we expected?

Tips and Picks Of The Week


Xbox Game Pass for PC

This is a great option for anyone that wants access to an open library of games. It’s $5 a month, and the first month is currently only $1.


Tomb of annihilation for Dungeons an Dragons!

Dare to defy death in this adventure 

for the world’s greatest roleplaying game

The talk of the streets and taverns has all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied.


Farboco Game Store located at 9 W. Grant St. in Lancaster PA behind Central Market. 

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