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Published September 6, 2019

Episode 11: Third Times the Charm
You Died of Dysentery

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Twitch streamers banned for receiving donations and baby butts? Cyberpunk 2077 drop binary gender choices from character creation too much applause, but were they the first? Epic says Steam is unsustainable. It Telltale games back? Valve fights back against the EU. All that and more on this week’s episode of You Died of Dysentery.

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The Episode’s Run Down

Released September 6th, 2019

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ShugiiKae banned from Twitch after receiving donations

Twitch Streamer “ShugiiKage” was recently banned from Twitch after receiving donations from a sub that used stolen credit cards. Initially, that banning was permanent but was later reversed by Twitch after ShugiiKage challenged the banning on social media. 

Twitch stream banned for looking at a baby butt!

H2_gucio was recently banned after looking at baby butts during a stream! Don’t get in a tissie. It’s not that bad. The streamer went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, saw an entry for diaper rash, and was greeted with that baby’s bum. The banning does not appear to be permanent. 

Cyberpunk 2077 drops binary gender choices

CD ProjektRed has dropped the traditional soci-normative gender selection that most video games use during the character creation process. Now it appears that character creation is simply done by choosing body and voice types. This comes after the developers received negative feedback from its initial character creation design. 

Epic says Steam is unsustainable

Epic’s Chris Early stated during an interview with The New York Times Valve’s Steam business model isn’t sustainable in the long run. Early said that the 70/30 split isn’t where the game industry is at anymore. This statement has to be questioned, though, if this is nothing more than a PR stunt for Epic. Apple traditionally takes the same 70/30 split for App Store apps. So does Google for Play Store apps. Epic has been vocal since opening the Epic game store that their revenue split is small than Steam, their main competitor. 

Telltale Games is back!

LCG entertainment is bringing back the Telltale brand and reviving some of its original IP. This doesn’t appear to be a complete comeback though. LCG has only hired a small portion of the original developers, and those developers have only been hired as contractors. LCG appears to be playing smart, though. Brian Waddle, CFO of LCG, stated in an interview that they would love to bring back the whole team, but at this time that is not feasible while re-launching the studio. 

Valve fights back against EU ruling

Valve is fighting back after the EU ruled against them and 5 other companies to stop geo-restricting game sales. 6 game distributors altogether were caught restricting EU citizens from purchasing games from other country’s versions of their game stores for a cheaper cost. This is apparently illegal in the EU. The five other companies in the suit have settled but Steam wants to duke it out. 

Roman, convince Jon to play MineCraft

Roman tries his best!

Tips and Picks Of The Week


Untitled Goose Game is finally set for release!

Remember that goose simulator teased a couple of years back? You know, that one where you get to be a dick goose screwing with the people around you? Well, Untitled Goose Game is finally being released in September on Epic!


Dark souls remastered


Wingspan board game

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  1. Calvin Calvin

    Cool highlights, cyberpunk sounds like a really cool game. I look forward to all these new changes. Twitch has been getting lots of flack lately.

  2. Shirley P Shirley P

    this is cool I have actually never been on any of these sites that you mentioned so I dont understand parts of it I learned a lot

    • Donna L Holder Donna L Holder

      really awesome stuff here. love the sounds. enjoyed it all. i think it will go far. great info too. thank you so much for sharing


    thnaks a lot of great info sound like it will work out well.

  4. Nick Nick

    you do good work. maybe it’s just the alcohol talking, but I learned a lot from you and I’ll be listening in from now on.

    • Jon Welling Jon Welling

      Thank you! Both for listening and drinking and listening responsibly!

  5. Darren Scrubb Darren Scrubb

    Lots of information can be heard on a number of games.

  6. Darren Scrubb Darren Scrubb

    Lots of information that keeps people informed about games websites.

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