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Published September 13, 2019

Episode 12: PC MasterRace FTW!
You Died of Dysentery

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This week the crew at You Died of Dysentery talk about whether people should buy Steam Early Access games, Half Life VR, a new game called Fury Unleashed, Magic Arena and its hotly debated Historic format, and more!

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The Episode’s Run Down

Released September 13th, 2019

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The Steam library is getting an overhaul

The Steam Library is getting an overhaul after more than a decade. Soon gamers will be able to organize their library by Steam generate or user-generated tags. For instance, players can organize games by the ones they’ve played already or by RPG. The new update will go live on September 17th in the Steam Beta channel. 

Half Life VR under development?

Is Half Life getting a VR update? It certainly seems that way. Some enterprising individuals were able to decompile some program files which reveleaed an almost complete VR game. These files included code names commonly used for VR assets. 

Fury Unleashed

While browsing Reddit, Jon found an interesting thread posted by the developers of Fury Unleashed. It’s currently in Steam Early Access right now but will be fully released early next year. Fury Unleashed looks to be a 16-bit rougelite arcade game with a mix of Strider and Contra aspects told through a fun comic-like setting. 

Steam Early Access

The crew at You Died of Dysentery talk about whether they buy Steam Early Access games. Are Steam Early Access games worth the trouble? Should developers be using Steam Early Access as a way to beta test games, and should gamers have to pay for games if they are beta testers? Or, are Steam Early Access games a way of supporting game developers?

Are women more susceptible to VR sickness?

Are women more susceptible to VR sickness? The initial science says they might be. Women typically have a smaller IPD than men do. So, is this more of an issue with headset design?

Magic Arena is exiting beta

Magic The Gathering: Arena is finally exiting beta on September 26th, 2019!

Historic format on MTGA causes a ruckus

With the announcement of Magic Arena exiting Beta, it came with some rather hotly debated news. MTGA will be introducing a new set of cards next month which means that older sets are being rotated out of standard game play. So, WOTC created the Historic format, MTGA’s version of modern. Except cards that will be Historic will now cost double the price to craft. This comes with flimsy excuses from WOTC explaining these costs. 

What is happening in the game subscription ecosystem?

Ubisoft just announced UPlay+. This is yet another game subscription service that includes many games from their own catalog. Is this starting to become a trend where game developers are creating a fracture in the subscription ecosystems much like is happening in the video subscription service industry?

Camelot331 Says Gamestop Is closing down

A YouTube by the name of Camelot331 has stated that he has been told that GameStop will be closing more than 2000 stores. Is this real? We don’t know, but it would seem feasible. 

Tips and Picks Of The Week


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