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Published September 20, 2019

Episode 13: This is a horrible Remix!
You Died of Dysentery

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This Week, Roman, Caleb and Jon get down and dirty with a horrible pre-show re-mix! Catch that on our YouTube channel! We also discuss gamer outrage, a little Borderlands 3, EA, some more GameStop news, and more!

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The Episode’s Run Down

Released September 20th, 2019

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  • Gamestop is closing 200 stores
  • EA is testing a game streaming service

Is the Witcher 3 Netflix series releasing soon?

In a slip-of-the-Tweet, Netflix is supposedly releasing The Witcher 3 on December 17th. Is it real, or is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide…

So, Borderlands 3 is out…

Are you going to buy it?

EA set the record for most downvoted comment in history on Reddit

During the debacle surrounding microtransactions of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2, a community manager made a comment on Reddit that set the record for the most downvoted comment in the history of the world. That surpassed the old record by more than 600,000 votes. This begs the question, do companies really understand what community management is, or do they simply want the lowest paying person they can find for a customer support position. 

Do you need a powerhouse of a PC for gaming?

WIth enthusiast always talking about $1000 parts, do you need a powerhouse PC to play games today?

What is going on with this headline?

Google Stadia is going to offer free trials

Head of Product, John Justice, stated during an interview that Google’s Stadia service will eventually release free promos. It could be expected that this would happen after the beginning of 2020 when Stadia fully launches. Will these free promos help sell the cloud streaming service? How is this any different from Steam free weekends? Is this even news?

Is PewDiePie’s $50,000 pledge to the Anti-Defamation League?

PewDiePie recently announces on stream that he is going to donate $50,000 to the ADL out of the kindness of his own heart. Many of his followers don’t think so, though. Many think he was blackmailed by the ADL into the donation. Is this blackmail, or some weird culture of toxicity?

And then… he rescinds it….

Gamer Outrage

Why is gamer outrage a thing? Caleb, explain to me why gamers are so toxic!

Why is Nintendo direct such a big thing?

Every time I read this thing, it’s nothing more than game announcements. Why do people go nuts over this?

Tips and Picks Of The Week


Parsec, a personal cloudy gaming solution!


Neeb’s Gaming, a great podcast channel featuring all sorts of gaming things!


Lancaster, PA’s finest local board game store, FarboCo! Located at 9 West Grant St. in Lancaster, PA behind Central Market!

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