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Series: You Died of Dysentery

You Died of Dysentery covers all things gaming, from video games to tabletop games and everything in between!

Episode 8: What the heck is happening?

Jon Welling

Should we stop asking if games are making a political statement? Does that constant question cheapen it? Twitch ran porn on Ninja’s old channel!? Should we buy GPUs with ray tracing right now? Microsoft isn’t going all in on game streaming just yet. Discord has some confusing report metrics. All that, and more, on this week’s episode of You Died of Dysentery!

Episode 5.5: Mass Shootings

Jon Welling

It’s a somber and humbling feeling recording our first episode on the topic of mass shootings. We felt compelled to speak our thoughts and feelings after the recent killing sprees that took place this past week in the United States. We doubt that this episode will bring any serious change, but it’s our responsibility to discuss this nonetheless out of respect for those that lost their lives. It’s our responsibility as a community to keep attacking this topic, despite how tiring it may become until we can figure out how to solve this problem.

Episode 5: Thought Experiment

Jon Welling

This week Mr. Black and Jon talk about the class action lawsuit Nintendo is facing due to its JoyCon debacle. They’ll also discuss WD new external drive tweaked for Xbox (whatever that is supposed to mean) and Dopio raising money for voice assistant games! There might also be a little disagreement about Doom requiring a Bethesda.Net account. All that and more on this week’s episode of You Died of Dysentery.