Cycle and Dredge now support virtual trade binders! Why is this such a big deal?  With everything going on in the world right now, virtual trade binders are a good way for everyone to post their cards for trade or for sale without having to meet in person. Cycle and Dredge already had a way to do this, but it was a little more difficult to use for non-members.  So, we worked on improving those virtual trade binder features.

Here’s what changed!

We added a link in the menu for the Cycle and Dredge collection management and deck building app. That link is called App Settings.  Any extra settings or tools will go here in the future.

Once you click on that link, you will see an option for Trade Links.

virtual trade binders link example

Pressing either the ‘Get Trade Link’ or ‘Get Sale Link’ buttons will give you the specific link for your account.  Each link will either show just the cards you have marked for trade or for sale. Pressing the blue Share Icon will copy that link to your clipboard.

You can share that link to your virtual trade binder anywhere!  You can post it to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, the Discord channel for your local game store, etc… Or you can just give it to your friends.

If you want to share it with the Cycle and Dredge community, post it to your profile in Cycle and Dredge!

Get started today!

Having a virtual trade binder is a great way for Magic: The Gathering players to stay in touch and interact in a way that they would at their LGS.  You can share your virtual trade binder anywhere you want!  If you follow any other Cycle and Dredge members, you can also contact them about card singles they have for trade or sale, too!

So, go ahead and use the Cycle and Dredge MTG collection management and deck building app, add cards to your library, and create your virtual trade binder today!

Don’t forget to support your local game store! If you are close to the Lancaster, PA area, visit FarboCo! They deliver locally!

You can support this website by purchase product from TCGPlayer with this link.

You can register for an account with Cycle and Dredge here and start making your virtual trade binder today! It’s free!

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