Good news everyone! Starting today, anyone can import your collection from another Magic: The Gathering app into Cycle and Dredge! We still have one of the easiest ways to add new cards to your collection by hand or by scanning them, but now you can import your collection and get started even faster!

Sorry this feature took so long to add! It turns out there are a lot of little edge cases we needed to account for. Importing outside data into Cycle and Dredge can be a little bit of a nightmare. Especially when we can’t control that data.

That’s where the trouble was. Different apps export data in different ways. They also hold data in different ways, too. So, we had to figure out the easiest way to make this work for everyone.

We spent some time testing a few different ways to import your data. We think we came up with the best solution for the moment. You can read how to import your collection here.

Of course, importing your collection into Cycle and Dredge is just the beginning! We feel that C&D has one of the best ways to flip through your collection and build decks. One of the best parts of owning a Magic: The Gathering collection is being able to flip through and look at your cards. With C&D, you can do that from anywhere!

Don’t forget, you can also create virtual trade binders, too. With your virtual trade binder, you can easily share cards that you have for sale or for trade with anyone on the internet!

Would you like to listen to our podcast while at work? Take a look at our YouTube channel! We upload video versions of our audio podcast so you can listen to it anywhere!

If you have any questions or need helping to import your collection into Cycle and Dredge, shoot us a message with the Contact Us page.

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